In the marketing industry, we are so used to the next ‘new thing’ that we often just shrug when we find out about a new way in which to market a site (until its proven) but one of the new phenomenon we have discovered are Info Graphics, they are a great way of getting information across quickly, they can help your site to look modern and, best of all, you can use them to attract links and traffic to your site.

Here are ten reasons to use info graphics (in no particular order)

1. They can rely a message in a concise and effective way.

2. Grab your potential customers attention, you can use colorful imagery to hold attention.

3. They can be optimised for search engine optimisation, the title and alt image needs to be focused and match the topic of the InfoGraphic, the major search engines will then potentially use the InfoGraphic in the Serps.

4. Generally InfoGraphics have a much higher view and review rate, this means that, used in a good social media campaign, can net some great interest and ultimately refer visitors to your site.

5. InfoGraphics, if well produced, can make for great viral material, again increasing branding and potentially gaining some serious inbound traffic and links.

6. They can be a very effective way of showing processes such as your service and how it works, helping to increase awareness of your service and evoke trust.

7. InfoGraphics are becoming very popular and are often used in blogs and other content, so producing a simple but effective graphic can help to increase brand and site awareness.

8. A potentially difficult point can be made simple with an well constructed InfoGraphic.

9. They can be used across your site to ‘sign post’ people to key areas / category pages.

10. We love them, long live the InfoGraphic.