The transition from plain old Adwords to Google’s new enhanced campaigns is now complete. So what does this actually mean? Well the idea is to improve the targeting and relevance of ads by presenting the right advert at the right time using smarter technology.  As people now tend to switch between devices, Google’s enhanced campaign makes it easier to adjust bids to ensure that ads will switch easily between the different devices consumers now use to access the web. Ads can also be made to more effectively target the user according to location and time of day. The chief benefits include:

  • Easier management of mobile campaigns and measurement of ROI
  • Enhanced reporting metrics
  • Better bidding tools for ads

In theory, this should create more conversions, as customers find you more easily at the right time in the right place, as well as reduce the need to create several separate campaigns to target different devices and locations. However, although the tools for managing PPC marketing have been improved, doing it successfully and staying within budget is still complicated.

All adwords accounts should have been upgraded by July 22nd 2013, so if you haven’t already done so – you need to switch now. Be aware though, upgrading an account needs to be carefully handled to avoid Google’s default settings damaging existing any PPC marketing. So if you’re confused about how to manage the transition, you could either download this 28 page document on how to upgrade

or let us handle your enhanced campaign for you.