Post Penguin and Panda, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to maximise your online presence and position. So if your business has a presence in the real world and you’re not already using it, Google’s Photos for Business is a good opportunity for business owners to showcase premises. Whether you have a dog yoga studio or a shop full of party poppers, enabling visitors to interact with your business is a positive organic SEO step you can take to increase engagement.

Google business photos now behave in the same way as street view – allowing visitors to take part in 360 degree interactive tours of business premises. This can be embedded on your website blog or social media pages, and increase traffic as time pressed visitors often respond more positively to pictures than text and improve online engagement. And if you really want to get creative and set up some really quirky or startling shots, then you’ll potentially potentially earn some links along the way.

Obviously, if you’re a restaurant reliant on an impressive interior to attract business, a virtual tour is likely to be more effective, but used creatively, it can be extended to almost any business premises. As the business photos are also visible in Google + Local and Google Maps, then visitors wandering around street view can literally stroll into your place and look around. Adding iconic or panoramic views will also increase interest and traffic – so if you’re situated in an attractive area, all the better.

To get started, you will need to use a Google trusted photographer, listed here ( then simply organise a time for the photo shoot. Upload your pictures and potential customers will be admiring your displays within days.