Unless you’ve been living in a cave, then you should know that creating great content is now one of the fundamentals of any SEO campaign strategy. Google’s most often repeated mantra is that ‘what is good for the user is good for SEO,’ a point again reiterated by Matt Cutts at the SES San Francisco Conference the other week.

But what does ‘great content’ mean exactly? Well, the bottom line is you can’t fake it, and if it’s not great, it’s not helping. So here’s an outline of what makes quality content to help your SEO.

Good Content Basics

  • Writing articles gives you valuable opportunities to use your identified keywords, but make sure that content is not ’stuffed.’
  • Content should be well written. Good grammar, excellent spelling, proper sentence structure, and text formatting matters to Google as much as to any news editor.
  • A key part of this weighting comes from links – ‘shares’ will drive your SEO
  • Make sure the content seems authoritative and trustworthy
  • The content should be unique and not copied or hastily re-hashed
  • Be creative. Keep up to date with news from your related industry, but re-write it from a different angle.
  • Use meta-tags and titles for search engines to read your content more easily
  • Provide a balanced view
  • Don’t submit articles to poor quality article sites
  • If you’re not confident about your writing then outsource it to a digital agency or professional copywriter. Do not be tempted to use auto-content generators. These will be penalised.