Planning your Marketing for 2014? Three important trends to help you strategise.

Mobile Search
55% of companies already have a mobile optimised website, and Morgan Stanley analysts predict that by 2015, mobile and tablet searches will outstrip desktop search. Users on the fly want quick access to responsive websites and ready answers to questions. So to optimise a mobile for search, marketers and SEO’s need to keep a good eye on mobile user intent and search queries from people on the move.

Stratospheric Social Media
Social network marketing will continue to drive engagement, but it’s more likely to be across multiple platforms. Social Media Today believe that more social media diversification will occur, with a surge in popularity of new networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Vine. To enhance ROI far more effectively than text alone, using visual content is also becoming increasingly significant so  images and video should be firmly on your agenda.

Google +
Although it got off to a slow start, ranking factors identified by Moz cite Google + as increasingly significant. Improving ranking position using Google + 1’s is now second only to page authority in terms of SEO page metrics. There are now 300 million users, and in 2014, Google + is set to become even more important as it continues to integrate social signals into its search algorithm. To benefit, use Google + as your ‘central hub,’ optimise your Google + page, post great content regularly, claim authorship and make your posts public.