If you run a small or medium sized business, then you might be heartened to know that Google have not forgotten you. Matt Cutts has recently announced a ‘softening’ of the Panda algorithm, in a ‘next generation’ update. This is a move that will be welcomed by many after the introduction of Panda three years ago caused many small business websites to fall off the search cliff.

Cutts claims that this adjustment is specifically targeted to help small websites and small businesses, although it remains to be seen how this change will affect results for small businesses. No details about the softer Panda have been released yet, but speculation is rife about how it will shake out. Since its release, Google has been criticised for skewing results towards bigger businesses and brands, and plenty of smaller websites have never recovered. A previous ‘softening’ saw only 18% of small businesses see any improvement, so the hope is that it really does improve things – only time will tell.

If you’re still languishing in the results page, putting an SEO campaign into practice is the best advice. Otherwise, you could try a few of these DIY SEO tips:


Google loves new and consistently updated content, so be sure to post valuable well written and interesting posts on your business blog

Social Media

Follow people in your industry on Twitter, engage with customers on facebook, share industry related content on both, encourage reviews on Google Plus, and post visual merchandise on Pinterest

Identify Keywords

Use keywords judiciously in your content. These should be high traffic, but mid to low in terms of competition