Last week, we talked a bit about how small businesses could take some simple DIY SEO measures in an effort to improve their rankings. Now while we would always suggest that companies invest in a professional SEO campaign for significant results, it’s still useful to know that Google tools can give you a good insight into how Google indexes your site, and so provide you with the valuable information you need for improvements.

So here are just a few of the basic useful free tools you could try.

Google Analytics

They say knowledge is power, and web analytics can help you analyse everything from where your traffic is coming from, through to the types of search queries people are making to find you. Use it to shape your content, track campaigns, and identify what works best (or worst) for you.

Google Webmaster Tools

If it aint broke, then you don’t need to fix it – but Google webmaster tools is great for identifying any flaws in fundamental structural issues. By seeing your site as Google sees it, you can find out if your site has any manual penalties, broken links or crawling issues, URL or page indexing problems, and lots more.

Page Speed Insights

Speed and mobile performance are important parts of the Google algorithm, so check that your site is performing to its optimum by using page speed insights for running diagnostic tests and for advice on how to make useful improvements.