After reading our previous blog, ‘King of the Content Jungle’, you should be familiar with the basics of writing excellent content. To summarise what we were saying (if you haven’t read it, I highly advise you should), the key to creating high quality content is creating a copy that is not only original, but should be well written and free from confusing language.

Why is content so important? To start off with, it is very good for SEO. Good, clear content that adheres to SEO regulations can assist in building links back to your company. Your content should be interwoven with essential keywords that can help build awareness of your brand. Carefully chosen keywords that are relevant to your site will help with increasing your search ranks with search engines.

Along these lines, excellent content is effective at converting a visitor into a customer. Your engaging copy should serve to entice potential customers into investing in your service. By creating a strong emotional appeal (Though, try not to overdo it), your persuasive language can entice a potential customer into a definite sale. Efficient content can also cause your brands awareness to be spread through word of mouth, or the content even shared on social media platforms.
It is essentially about building a personal relationship with your audience and the ability to convey your message in your own tone of voice. A customer will want to find out as much information about you as possible and providing clear content will help them understand your brand a bit more.

How many times have you gone to a website to find that the content is unclear, impersonal and confusing? Was it frustrating? If a customer cannot understand who you are, or your services, they may leave your website and seek out another competitor. It is also entertaining, if you have added your own personal touch to it, a customer will remember who you are.

We have outlined the basic, important reasons for good content. If you are still in doubt about why content is extremely important for good ROI, you should consider contacting a professional copywriter who can understand your brands message and project this through well written copy.