You may wonder why we decided to write an article entitled: what is SEO Hampshire? the answer is to not only define what SEO in Hampshire is, search engine optimisation services that are primarily offered in the county of Hampshire, but also to illustrate why certain keywords can be effective but very hard to target, the nature of the query can be at odds with the way in which we traditionally market keywords and optimise for them on a given page.

How to Optimise for ‘SEO Hampshire’

  1. Use keywords in the page <title>
  2. Use keywords in key areas of the page such as <h1>
  3. Use the keyword throughout page content whilst making sense and being useful
  4. Label relevant images with the keyword (If appropriate)
  5. Use links to the page (and out from the page) to and from relevant content
I have been asked recently what keywords we target within our marketing strategy, “for example”, one of our clients said “do you target SEO Hampshire?” Personally I think this is a difficult one to answer as ‘exact match’ keywords are a bit of a thing of the past and site ‘theme’ is more ‘en vogue’
Yes we are an SEO agency in Hampshire (Portsmouth to be more precise) but with Google sophisticated algorithm recently looking to enhance their geo targeting technology, do we target the keyword or just trust in Google that, because we are an online marketing agency, our location will fill in the rest?I have long since obsessed over specific keyword rankings and, although it still is an important part of our customers monthly reporting, we (Fire Digital) don’t run a report each month and rarely check our standings. Please don’t get me wrong here, where a site ranks is still very important for new business and branding, it’s just we have a great deal to do in general (for our customers) and we focus on many other metrics to show how successful our site is.We all know that we have to strike a balance between working on many (Many) different areas and techniques to help our and our customers sites to rank but with link profiling becoming much more difficult (in terms of exact match keywords) – in fact Google all but outlawed such technicques, the accent is leaning towards overall theme based on many different ‘signals’ and factors. So the question is ‘is the exact match obsession, as a basis as to how successful your site is, worth the time and effort?’
The answer to whether we target SEO Hampshire is simple, yes, but perhaps not in the old conventional way using exact match link building and trying to include a worthwhile page on ‘SEO Hampshire’, but using social signals, broadcasting specific and general content, updating our site regularly with relevant content and ensuring any important online platforms are used such as Google Business and DMOZ (yes it’s still important)