Week in Search

If you’re still feeling dazed thanks to Google’s algorithm changes, then you’re not alone. Barry Schwartz at SEO Roundtable  has drawn attention to a webmaster world thread about Google having made people afraid to create links. It seems that everyone is (understandably) deeply confused about which sites to link to due to fears about being [...]

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Showing up the Spam

For anyone still reeling from the combined effects of the Google updates, then some help is finally at hand. At last steps are being taken to try and redres   s the bewildering new landscape of search quality. Imposing penalties on sites that don’t reach Google’s quest for value has left many affected site owners [...]

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Upgrading Adwords

The transition from plain old Adwords to Google’s new enhanced campaigns is now complete. So what does this actually mean? Well the idea is to improve the targeting and relevance of ads by presenting the right advert at the right time using smarter technology.  As people now tend to switch between devices, Google’s enhanced campaign [...]

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Google Drops the Anchor

Depending on where you stand, Penguin and Panda probably mean one of two things to you. “Penguin and Panda is fantastic. All those spammy sites above me have gone, and my results have improved tremendously.” Or, and possibly most likely, “What in the name of Jesus has happened to my site? I hate Google and [...]

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The Duck Who Came in From the Cold

Back in the day, spying had more than a touch of glamour to it. Secret assignations, two passports, a turned up raincoat collar, and a gun that looks like a pencil sharper were all dead giveaways. Today, however, spies no longer need a trench coat and a good line in excuses – all they need [...]

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Ted Ulle and The Changing Face of SEO

The death of Ted Ulle, leading SEO search analyst and long term administrator of Webmaster World, has deeply saddened the SEO community. Ted had been a deeply influential and respected SEO authority for over 15 years, making a massive contribution to many people’s understanding of SEO. In that time, Ted oversaw an industry that started [...]

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Week in Search Highlights

The last penguin update by Google was seen as something of a damp squib initially. However, Mozcast.com, (a ‘weather report’ site monitoring turbulence caused by Google’s algorithmic changes) has been showing a lot of activity recently – reaching a hot 86 degrees last week.  At the time of writing, this has risen to a scorching [...]

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