Why your content should be top notch

After reading our previous blog, ‘King of the Content Jungle’, you should be familiar with the basics of writing excellent content. To summarise what we were saying (if you haven’t read it, I highly advise you should), the key to creating high quality content is creating a copy that is not only original, but should [...]

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Can a Small Business Website Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings?

For the small business owner, getting traffic to a website can be a daunting prospect. It’s difficult to see how it could be possible to outrank the big players and achieve any sort of online recognition at all. Just remember though: Even the mighty Google began life as a tiny startup back in the late [...]

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Panda 4.0

Back in 2011, Google rolled out Panda, which was designed to improve the quality of search results. Unfortunately, small businesses slipped off Google’s radar as the algorithm favoured big brand sites. In an attempt to redress this, Google have now released Panda 4.0. As a softer version of previous Panda updates, the update will affect [...]

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Before Buying a Domain…

Buying a domain name can be a tricky process – especially when so many names are mostly already taken. Thinking of a truly unique name (Zoopla and Flickr being obvious examples) can help you build a strong online brand which is also helpful for SEO purposes, but if you want something more specific then you [...]

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The Art of Blogging

Do you regularly update your blog? Do you even have a blog? If not, then you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with your customers, increase sales, and improve your SEO. With such a vast amount of information out there and the growing phenomenon of content fatigue, it’s becoming ever harder to capture attention. [...]

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Three Basic Google Tools for Improving SEO

Last week, we talked a bit about how small businesses could take some simple DIY SEO measures in an effort to improve their rankings. Now while we would always suggest that companies invest in a professional SEO campaign for significant results, it’s still useful to know that Google tools can give you a good insight [...]

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3 Marketing Trends for 2014

Planning your Marketing for 2014? Three important trends to help you strategise. Mobile Search 55% of companies already have a mobile optimised website, and Morgan Stanley analysts predict that by 2015, mobile and tablet searches will outstrip desktop search. Users on the fly want quick access to responsive websites and ready answers to questions. So [...]

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Google Auto Content and Keyword Planner

Ending up on the Google naughty step isn’t that difficult these days – but Matt Cutts has recently issued yet another warning surrounding auto-generated content. Auto-generated content is defined by Google as being any content that is generated through automated processes. This includes content scraped from RSS or Atom Feeds combining content from a variety [...]

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Google Photos for Business

Post Penguin and Panda, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to maximise your online presence and position. So if your business has a presence in the real world and you’re not already using it, Google’s Photos for Business is a good opportunity for business owners to showcase premises. Whether you have a [...]

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