Content is King, it always has been

 Joe Ogden, MD



The customer wanted their site, and its content, to be responsive and reflect current sporting events, whenever a major event was coming up, the sites ‘accent’ would change to reflect this and therefore their content would be topical and current.


Once we had extensively researched the keywords needed, we focused on creating a series of articles and blog posts designed to increase the visibility of the site. The customer wanted to dictate the content, which is absolutely fine, and so we produced (produce) content that reflected current sporting events.


 Targeting the keywords ‘Six Nations Travel’ (initially) we decided to firstly focus on the benefits of taking a travel tour. We researched the subject, and wrote articles about the advantages of booking an organised rugby tour, to place on sports and travel related article sites.  We then moved our focus onto more specific articles based on the upcoming six nations tournament, writing a series of articles about the locations of the matches. These included ‘Five Things To Do’ (in the host cities) articles and a Stadium Guide. This series of practical and useful advice articles were chosen especially to provide valuable information for the rugby fan, to lead to increased traffic to the site.

We also created a series of blog posts containing the terms ‘six nations travel’ for use on the site’s blog, again to increase traffic and interest in the site.

The Results

 The site had been somewhat neglected by the previous marketing firm which meant the rankings had slipped, they had since revamped their site and we also completed the optimisation of the new site. Since the optimisation and on-going marketing the site has enjoyed top rankings and plenty of traffic via the topical content added to the site.