SEO writing is neither art nor science – it’s a potent combination of the two.

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SEO  Writing

The internet has changed the world. Possibly. What’s more truthful is that the internet has changed the way we communicate with each other.  So it stands to reason that the biggest mistake any SEO company can make is to focus on writing for search engines alone. Why? Because it’s not just search engines that read, it’s people.

SEO Articles

Producing and placing articles on the web is a key part of any SEO strategy. So a good SEO campaign needs to focus on turning those random words and phrases into brilliant and engaging content. Writing rubbishy poor value copy stuffed with specific words or phrases will get you nowhere – not with search engines, and not with people.

In short, no SEO campaign can be effective without building keyword links to improve your ranking, but compelling content is about more than just search engines finding those all-important words. Natural links written into content that speaks to people, will send traffic your way and converts visitors into sales. So we’ll carefully research your industry or service, to produce unique, well written articles containing links, designed to increase your traffic and advance your position, naturally.

Web Content

Think of the kind of advertising used back in the day – on billboards not online. It was pretty hard to ignore a giant poster at the traffic lights. So although you might have the greatest website known to man, unless search engines are able to find that website, then the traffic just keeps on moving. By optimising web copy with SEO techniques, every word will count towards making sure your market find you first.

SEO Web Copy

Sadly, search engines aren’t known for their appreciation of art. Intended to look for words not pictures, attractive graphics might make your site appealing, but won’t influence search engines. By optimising your site with the tailored use of keywords, customers will not only be able to find you, but like you too. Your website might be a shop window, but the content closes the sale. So we write tailored and beautifully crafted copy that balances the needs of search engines and visitors, designed to impress. Through creating or rewriting your web content using SEO techniques, we’ll get you noticed, increase your market, and jazz up your online image, from the first idea all the way through.

Blog Content

 A good blog is like a good conversation. Through your blog you can engage with your customers, and get them to like you even more. Or in other words, if you’re not blogging, then you should be. For an SEO marketing campaign to be as effective as possible, blog copy needs to be included as a crucial part of the process.

 SEO Blog Copy

 If there’s one thing that search engines love, it’s fresh new content. So creating or updating a blog as part of your SEO campaign will help your ranking even more. It’s important to remember, however, that although the search engines will approve of your new content, blog posts also need to be interesting. Which is why we create perfectly pitched blog posts – so you don’t need to worry about what to say, or how to say it. Our blog posts keep the reader as well as the search engines in mind, driving your campaign forward and creating interest, no matter what you do.