Link Profiling

Link building is important, as is content and many other factors regarding your website. The best way to explain link building is to see a link to your site as an endorsement, this shows that someone has bothered to link to your site saying ‘hey world this site is worth looking at’.

Link building can help boost your important keywords in Google and the other search results, if on page optimisation is ‘fishing with a net’ then link building is very much a targeted affair and is more like rod fishing – target specific keywords and therefore boost highly valuable rankings.

Google (specifically) and the other major search engines, review your link profile to ascertain not only your ‘popularity’ but also what other sites ‘think’ of your site, they review the kind of keywords that site owners use within the link to your site, so for example the link SEO Hampshire would help the SEO Clinic site rank well for ‘SEO Hampshire because it is used within the link itself.

The link profiling (building) landscape has changed significantly in the past few years, it used to be that we could use fairly low grade link building (in terms of relevancy and ‘kudos’ of the referring site) but now we have to be very careful in how we attract links to your site. The powerful links are those that are on ultra-relevant sites and sites that don’t ‘sell links’. (There are a whole host of factors that make a good link but they are the main ones).

Other than naturally attained links through social mediums, we can also help you become ‘attractive’ to other sites, and therefore attract links; building natural links is obviously the best way to help boost ranking and reputation.

Link building, profiling, networking is a vital aspect of achieving good rankings for competitive keywords, this fact can’t be ignored, and those that embrace the power of link building, and if implemented properly, see their site ranking well in the major search engines.

In recent times, Google (in particular) as released updates trying to battle the 1000’s of bad links built to try and manipulate search rankings, this has led to link building services that are useful in the own right and very high quality. We only use high quality links for our clients and they all have the following attributes:

  • High relevancy
  • Placed in contextual content
  • Placed on sites that don’t sell links
  • Placed on genuine sites

We write all content that is used for link building and we place the links ourselves so there is no outsourcing to other companies or overseas, which means we can control the link building and keep the quality super high.

We also provide content services, keeping your site fresh is very important but can be hard work, we provide a competitive and professional content writing service, you could use this service to update your current site or a blog or news feed, please let us know if you require further information about this service or any of our services, we would be happy to help.

We have a number of different methods in which we can help boost you rankings, if you would like to know more than please contact us for more information.

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