Local Search Services

To many businesses your locality is the most important asset, businesses who offer services and products to the local area need to market themselves well. Yes, there is still need for the normal technical and optimisation techniques, but there needs to be a focus on keywords that highlight locality, as opposed to generic keywords.

For example, a flower shop, that delivers locally, isn’t necessarily interested in ranking well for ‘flowers online’ but will be interested in ‘flower delivery Portsmouth’, so it’s as important to be in the organic search results as it is to be in the local results (the area in the Google results which lists local providers).

There are different techniques involved in helping a business rank well in the local search results. We can provide that service, as well as offer advice and support on how you can grow that service, for example reviews are very important to a business wanting to rank well in the local search results.

We can help you increase your profile in the local area (online) by;

  • Creating Google / Bing Profiles
  • Adding your site to local directories
  • Adding NAP citations in relevant areas

We can also optimise your site by using relevant local search phrases as well as give you advice on how to how make your site ‘local search friendly’. We will give you advice on how to add pages that are locally focused, such as case studies and testimonials. As mentioned previously, we can help you increase your reviews and get your business name / branding profile increased throughout the major search engines.

If you want to know more about this service or any other service we provide please contact us, we are happy to help and give advice.

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