SEO for Small Businesses

If you run a small or medium sized business, then you might be heartened to know that Google have not forgotten you. Matt Cutts has recently announced a ‘softening’ of the Panda algorithm, in a ‘next generation’ update. This is a move that will be welcomed by many after the introduction of Panda three years [...]

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3 Marketing Trends for 2014

Planning your Marketing for 2014? Three important trends to help you strategise. Mobile Search 55% of companies already have a mobile optimised website, and Morgan Stanley analysts predict that by 2015, mobile and tablet searches will outstrip desktop search. Users on the fly want quick access to responsive websites and ready answers to questions. So [...]

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King of the Content Jungle

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, then you should know that creating great content is now one of the fundamentals of any SEO campaign strategy. Google’s most often repeated mantra is that ‘what is good for the user is good for SEO,’ a point again reiterated by Matt Cutts at the SES San Francisco [...]

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The Power of Linking in!

Staying with the SEO supremacy fight, post Panda and Penguin can be disheartening at times. Seeing your page ranking slip or waiting for things to improve can make your SEO campaign feel about as dynamic as watching a cake rise. But SEO success can be enhanced through the phenomenal power of social media, and one [...]

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Google Auto Content and Keyword Planner

Ending up on the Google naughty step isn’t that difficult these days – but Matt Cutts has recently issued yet another warning surrounding auto-generated content. Auto-generated content is defined by Google as being any content that is generated through automated processes. This includes content scraped from RSS or Atom Feeds combining content from a variety [...]

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Google Photos for Business

Post Penguin and Panda, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to maximise your online presence and position. So if your business has a presence in the real world and you’re not already using it, Google’s Photos for Business is a good opportunity for business owners to showcase premises. Whether you have a [...]

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Week in Search

If you’re still feeling dazed thanks to Google’s algorithm changes, then you’re not alone. Barry Schwartz at SEO Roundtable  has drawn attention to a webmaster world thread about Google having made people afraid to create links. It seems that everyone is (understandably) deeply confused about which sites to link to due to fears about being [...]

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Showing up the Spam

For anyone still reeling from the combined effects of the Google updates, then some help is finally at hand. At last steps are being taken to try and redres   s the bewildering new landscape of search quality. Imposing penalties on sites that don’t reach Google’s quest for value has left many affected site owners [...]

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