Focused Adgroups equals better results

Fire Digital Team

Company:  IC Hypnosis



The customer had previously had an account set up with a different agency and was concerned about the charges that were being levied to manage the account and also wanted to review the work that had been completed and therefore how effective the campaign was being for them.


As the customer had two periods of time throughout the year, the want for general  course enquiries and the build-up to the actual courses, we built flexibility into the account to allow easy access to budget fluctuations and to enable the campaign to be more ‘aggressive’ at certain times of the year.


We completed focused Adgroups, not only one for each service they provided, but also different versions of the same Adgroups that dealt with different key phrases, for example there was an Adgroup for ‘Hypnosis Training’ and one for ‘Hypnosis Training Company’ because there were enough different (and popular) keywords to justify the split.

We kept the Adgroups under one campaign so any budget change could be reflected across the entire campaign and, because of the different levels of competition, the Adgroups had a natural ‘order’ with the most popular Adgroups giving the best ROI, but the less popular still generated interest.

The Results:

The customer is very happy with the set and the campaign is running at a very good CTR, campaign has become more challenging  because competition has grown, but is still running, driving ‘ready to buy traffic’ to the site and giving a good ROI.

What the customer said:

It was a relief to have the SEO Clinic recommended to us and find a company that took the time to fully understand our business. More than anything, they have been very helpful and patient in explaining the options available and are always very prompt in dealing with any queries.

Alison from Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy