We are very open with how we conduct our business

Fire Digital Team

Q: What is paid search?

A: Ultimately it is any advertising channel that you pay for to display your services or products in front of searchers (whether that is on Facebook, Twitter or Google), the search results in Google, for example are ‘free’ but the Ads at the top and down the side are paid for. In the case of Google Adwords you bid on keywords and pay Google a fee for every click you receive (this is known as pay per click).

Q: Can you review / work with my existing account?

A: Sure we can review you existing account and let you know where we think it could be improved, sometimes it is easier to create a new campaign, but this can still be created on the same account for your convenience.

Q: How much budget do I need?

A: The best way to set up a paid search account is to start small and increase your budget as you feel more comfortable with the campaign. If you start small then you lessen the chance of doing any real damage, of course if we set it up for you, there is little chance you will waste your money.

Q: To I receive updates / reports on a regular basis?

A: Yes, as well as our project management tool you receive PPC statistics on a monthly basis.

Q: Is PPC better than Organic Search?

A: This is an interesting question, there used to be an argument to suggest that not everyone needed a paid search account if they were ranked well in the Organic search results, we believe this has changed now.   We believe that we can help you review your products and services and assess your needs, it is often the case that organic and paid search can complement each other and ensure you are marketing your site well.