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Do you need help in understanding how a paid search campaign can help your business? Need Adwords Help? Many of the paid advertising platforms offer help with a basic set up which, in our experience, actually ends up costing customers money.

For example, we often see a Google Adwords ‘starter campaign’ and the Adgroups are usually filled up with generic keywords that are not very specific to the customer’s products or services. They will be shown a lot and therefore cost a lot and send unwanted traffic to the site. Therefore it is hard to quantify how successful the campaign is.

A PPC account can be very successful for your company. Set up and managed well, it will be very easy to see your ROI (return on investment). We are skilled marketers and have had many years’ experience in setting up and managing paid search accounts, whether it is for Facebook, Google or YouTube, simply ask us for more details on how you can drive business to your site.

We can:

  • Assess and review your existing accounts
  • set up new PPC accounts
  • Management existing or new accounts
  • Discuss PPC strategy

We offer a full range of paid search services; we can set up your account, advice on the best way in which to manage your campaign or we can simply do that for you.

Primarily we offer services for:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Advertising / Microsoft Adcentre
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising

In order to get the best out of your paid search accounts it is important to understand how they work. If an account is set up without a good knowledge of how the process works then campaigns can ‘leak’ money.

For example, with a Google Adwords account, it is vital to keep all elements of the campaign extremely focused, if you use generic keywords then you may use your budget up very quickly without much success, you have to ensure that the following elements are focused:

  • Adgroups
  • Keywords (using the correct restrictions)
  • Ads
  • Landing pages

So each one of the above has a topic that is very relevant to your products or services and that topic flows through the entire campaign / Adgroups. Not to mention location, time restrictions and the many other settings in Google Adwords.

If you would like us to review your existing campaigns or you would like information on setting up new campaigns please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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