Project Description

Project Brief

The customer has used a number of SEO companies before all with the same ‘MO’, no real tangible results and the customer had no real idea what work they had done or work they were doing. After an initial meeting, we realised that the site had not really had any work completed to help market the site within he major search engines.

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Skills Needed


We completed extensive keyword research for this client, including what they thought were industry standard keywords (i.e. their keyword) and then, through keyword research, keywords that were highly searched for and relevant. After sign off, we completed page optimisation and produced a benchmark ranking report for reference. We also completed a technical review to ensure there were no barriers to ranking well; the technical review also meant we could highlight any products or services the customer was missing out on, such as Google Analytics and webmaster tools.

Once we had ensured the site was fighting fit and ready to achieve a great deal more exposure in the major search engines, we discussed link strategy with the client, we wanted to focus on highly effective local keywords that would produce effective enquiries that he customer could easily convert to sales.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%


After just six weeks we ran another ranking report and it was peppered with brand new rankings, we had focused the site and its pages and it was responding well. The site continues to grow and conversions through he site have gone up considerably as the customer feedback below.

What the customer said

I have definitely seen an increase in leads generated from internet searches. I’ve had seven requests for quotes in the last two weeks which for me at this time of year is really unusual. In fact that many quotes in two weeks in the summer is unusual so we’re (you’re) definitely doing something right. Tim Cooke – MD