Through being transparent we have gone some way in repairing the way people see our industry

Joe Ogden MD

Organic SEO Services

We offer a holistic service to all our clients, it is important to be set up correctly so your website can enjoy all the benefits of good search engine visibility. We don’t just make a few changes for important keywords but instead look to ensure your site is best placed to achieve conversions from the web, be that sales, sign ups or downloads.

The bedrock of any good organic campaign is keyword research. Understanding the keywords that your potential customers are using to search for your products and services is half the battle. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have a complete list of keywords that encompass both your industry keywords as well as keywords that you may not have thought of.

In short we complete the following (and more) to help your site (and its pages) achieve ultimate web coverage:

  • Extensive keyword research
  • Site Technical Review
  • Analytics & Search Products Set up
  • Social Media Review
  • Link Strategy

Through our project management system, and our ‘open nature’, you will quickly understand our approach. You will see where this fits in with your overall strategy as well as the benefits of ensuring your site is as search engine friendly as possible.

‘It’s black magic to me’ and ‘I don’t really understand it all’ are among the statements we hear a lot when talking with prospective clients about organic SEO / search engine marketing. It is also a message that the ‘not so good’ companies and consultants like to endorse in order to make it easier to sell and get paid for doing very little.

You can make a difference to your business very easily. We offer a full service that will get your site working for you. Online marketing is the same as any other marketing arena, it just uses different channels.

Here is an example of what we mean, let’s suggest Google is a library of millions of web pages, at the ‘entrance’ of this library is a librarian (stay with us here) sorting all the webpages into the right places so they can be found when people ‘use’ the Google library (search for a service, information or product). You then need to make it easy for the librarian to find your page, understand the topic and find it when a relevant search is made. If your web pages are ‘cluttered’ and not clear in the message they want to broadcast, then Google (the librarian) won’t be able to easily file the page and therefore understand the topic for future searches.So a top tip is to ensure that all your pages, and their content, is concise and relevant. Add new pages if you are trying to ‘discuss’ too many topics on one page (a ‘services’ page is a prime example of this).

We, at Fire Digital, understand online marketing completely, we can advise, support, create and implement effective, workable and clear strategies that you CAN understand. By understanding what we are doing for you, how we are doing it and seeing the results, you can then add to the campaign throughout the rest of your marketing strategy.

We genuinely care about your business and want the best for you, yes I agree this sounds like something we would say, but we have tried to reflect this in our work and how we offer our service. For example there are no lengthy contracts; just a 30 day rolling contract. We use a transparent project management module that lets you see what is happening any time you wish to log in.