Social Media

A common mistake is to assume your website or business doesn’t need to be social!

Social Media connects everyone and everyone wants to share their thoughts. Tell you their likes, their dislikes. Invite you into their lives even. But companies continue to miss the opportunity to engage and enrich their audience’s experience of their brands. No-one likes to feel left out. We are a full service social media agency that teams up with companies to build their brand by leveraging all forms of the social web to create conversations, increase word of mouth and build lasting relationships. We will dig deep and try to understand your business, the market you are in and explore emerging trends among your competitors. We’ll scour every metric possible until we become experts on your market; only then can we begin to apply our expertise in marketing, development, search optimisation, social media etc.

Social Media Services:

Social Media Audit: Our social audits provide you with the in-depth insight needed to inform your social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy Planning: We’ll develop your long-term social media strategy and will create guidelines, policies and a framework to measure success.

Social Media Management: We can create and manage campaigns, develop your social media presence and protect online reputation.

Social Media Advertising: Managing your advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms is a time consuming and painstaking process. We take that headache away thanks to our ability to manage the entire process from one central point.

Social Media Support & Training: We have an in-house technical team that are experienced in delivering interactive and engaging content across every social media platform.

We also offer bespoke, professional and effective blog, SEO and standard content writing services.

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