A well thought through web site can increase conversions

Fire Digital Team

Q: How long will my website take to design / build?

A: This is a difficult question to answer easily, we will create a project plan at the start of the project, we will discuss openly all the facets of the design and build phases with you, after which you will have a very good idea as to the timescales and launch dates of the project. In short, we include you, the customer, at every phase of the project so you will be very well informed.

Q: Once my site has been built and launched, do I own it?

A: Yes, once the last invoice has been paid and the site is launched, you will own the site.

Q: How do I update my site?

A: The specifications of the site do depend on a case by case basis, you may want a very small site without a CMS (content management system) which would mean that you can edit it yourself through web editor software or we can update it for you. If you choose to have a CMS then you can easily update the site yourself as this is what a CMS is primarily designed for.

Q: Will my website be search engine ‘friendly’?

A: We have a long history of providing effective search engine optimisation and online marketing services, we ensure all our sites adhere to Google webmaster guidelines, are search engine friendly and have all the entries within the CMS to optimise the site when the design / development is finished.

Q: Can you also set up email with my site?

A: Yes, this comes with your hosting package, we can help you set up your emails and ensure you can send and receive emails, we also offer hosting services if you need them.