Websites have moved on rapidly in the last year; don’t get caught out – even if you only opt for a refresh

Joe Ogden MD

We have worked, when we were just an SEO company, with many different web agencies, some good and some that lacked customer understanding, we realised that many web companies tried to add online marketing to their portfolio just to get ‘more’ out of their customers, but didn’t really understand what they were doing.

We believe we have done it the right way round here at Fire Digital, each of our websites is lovingly designed and built to the customers brief but also with online marketing and interaction in mind. We have a great in-house web team that understand the Fire Digital ethos and actually listen to the customers and their brief.

Our background is and remains expert online marketing and therefore we can produce sites that ‘hit the ground running’ and don’t leave a customer feeling like they have a shop ‘with the shutters down’

We also understand that business, especially new businesses; need help with the bottom line, so we also offer a payment plan for web builds. This means you can get the web site you want launched within a few months but pay over a year, this includes updates and design alterations during that year; contact us for more information about our web services and our unique payment plans.

We have only established Fire Digital once we had all the crucial elements in place, we have the right experts from the web and marketing field and believe we offer a service that is genuinely effective, we don’t overstretch ourselves or say we can offer a service when we can’t.

We offer web design on a small scale right up to large ecommerce solutions and are very experienced in delivering web projects, as we have mentioned before we use a transparent project management system so you will be able to follow the build closely and make suggestions as we develop.  We would love to discuss your needs and offer advice where we can, look forward to your call or email soon.