Understanding the behaviour of your prospective clients helps to shape your service delivery and how you interact with your audience

Fire Digital Team

ZMOT Agency – Zero Moment of truth

We are not an agency that is ‘Google mad’, we categorically understand its power and we can’t ignore that millions of online businesses ply their trade (mostly) using Google and its related services. However, they recently released a study that had a profound effect on how we offered our services, the report ultimately showed how the [online] buying process has changed.

Simply put, people are researching even the smallest of purchases, normally only a large purchase would stimulate research about that product (a car or new kitchen) now, people are researching the best cough medicine or cheapest sun glasses online before they make a purchase.

This means there is an extra step in the process and one which changes the way in which online businesses, and those that rely on online business, sell their products and services and interact with their clients / prospective clients. In some cases, it’s no longer enough to be ranked highly or be in a prominent position in the search results using paid search, if people research your brand, service or products and can’t find any information about them, they are less likely to buy, trust is important, price is important, positive, reasonable feedback is important.

How the buying process has changed:

Ultimately it means you have to consider how you interact with your clients, how you are ‘found’ on the web and how you can get your products and services into the buying process.

Do you sell products, yes? Do you have videos of those products on your site? Do you use some sort of customer interaction platform such as live chat? Is your site ‘socially equipped? We can help you answer these questions and develop your site into a fully interactive site that will ‘plug into’ the extra buying process. We can develop a ZMOT strategy to help your brand, products and services get the exposure they need through the major search engines and web.